Birthplace: Nestled in the coastal city of Qingdao, Shandong, China, Fan Bingbing emerged into the world on September 16, 1981.

Residence: Today, she calls the bustling metropolis of Beijing her home, navigating the vibrant landscape of the Chinese entertainment industry.

Profession: A luminary of the silver screen, Fan Bingbing is a multifaceted artist, seamlessly weaving her talents as an actress, producer, and occasional songstress.

Nationality: Proudly Chinese, she stands as a cultural icon representing the artistic prowess of her nation on the global stage.

Religion: Despite her public prominence, Fan Bingbing has chosen to keep the sanctuary of her beliefs private, with her religious inclinations remaining undisclosed.

Partner: While her professional life is in the limelight, Fan Bingbing’s personal life, including her relationships, is shielded from the probing eyes of the public. At one point, she was romantically linked with Li Chen.

Parental Roots: Her father, Fan Tao, and mother, Zhang Chuanmei, undoubtedly played pivotal roles in shaping the foundation of the actress’s character and determination.

Horoscope: Born under the sign of Virgo, Fan Bingbing embodies the traits of this zodiac—meticulous, analytical, and with an innate sense of grace.

Age: As the current year unfolds, Fan Bingbing graces the world at the age of 42, an age where she continues to carve her legacy in the realms of art and entertainment.

Early Struggles and Triumphs: Fan Bingbing’s ascent to stardom was not an effortless climb. In her early years, she navigated the intricate tapestry of the Chinese entertainment landscape, initially gaining recognition through roles in television dramas. It was the iconic “My Fair Princess” (1998) that propelled her into the nation’s hearts, marking the beginning of a storied career.

Acting Odyssey: Fan Bingbing is not merely an actress; she is a maestro of thespian arts. Her filmography is studded with gems like “Cell Phone” (2003), “Lost in Beijing” (2007), “Buddha Mountain” (2010), and the critically acclaimed “I Am Not Madame Bovary” (2016). Awards and accolades have followed, a testament to her indomitable talent and versatility.

Philanthropy and Production Prowess: Beyond the glitz of the red carpet, Fan Bingbing has embraced the role of a producer, establishing Fan Bingbing Studio. Her philanthropic endeavors reveal a compassionate heart, with involvement in various charitable initiatives adding depth to her starry persona.

Harmony of Melodies: While renowned for her on-screen prowess, Fan Bingbing has also ventured into the world of music. Though not as prominently showcased as her acting, her occasional forays into singing add another layer to her artistic palette.

Personal Aura: Fan Bingbing is a visual symphony, known for her timeless elegance and style. Her captivating dark brown eyes and flowing black hair complement a presence that effortlessly commands attention.

As the curtains of time continue to unveil new chapters, Fan Bingbing stands as a beacon of inspiration, her journey illuminating the paths of aspiring artists and admirers alike. In her every role and venture, she transcends the realms of fame, embodying the spirit of a true artistic luminary.



Real Name: Fan Bingbing (范冰冰)

Date of Birth: September 16, 1981

Birth Place: Qingdao, Shandong, China

Residence: Beijing, China

Profession: Actress, Producer, Singer

Nationality: Chinese

Religion: Not publicly disclosed

Partner: Li Chen

Father: Fan Tao

Mother: Zhang Chuanmei

Horoscope: Virgo

Age: As of the current date (2024), Fan Bingbing is 42 years old.