Pakistan is a Muslim country but people of other religions also live here. The flag of Pakistan has two colors, green represents majority which is Muslims and white represents minorities which are people belonging to other religions. Showbiz industry of Pakistan also has non-Muslim celebrities and here we will talk about 10 Popular Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Non Muslim. Not only Muslims but some non Muslim people have also contributed a lot in the progress of Pakistan. Non Muslims are not only working successfully in showbiz field but also in many other fields including sports, politics, music, business and many other. Many celebrities of Pakistan are Hindu as well as Christian but they are given equal rights and respect. In the list below you can see 10 Popular Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Non Muslim.

10 Popular Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Non Muslim

Sunita Marshall

Sunita Marshall is a top model and actress of Pakistan. She is one of the versatile actresses of Pakistan television industry. She is a Christian by religion and she resides in Karachi city. She started her showbiz career as a model and after getting success in modeling, made her acting debut. She has acted in many memorable TV serials of different channels.



Bohemia is a music producer, music director, song writer and Pakistani American rapper who belong to California. He is one of the top rappers on international level. His real name is Roger David and he belongs to Christianity religion. This Punjabi rapper is also known by the names Raja and King of Punjabi rap.


Zoe Viccaji

Zoe Viccaji is one of the popular female singers of Pakistan music industry. She is also working as a song writer and model in showbiz. She is a non Muslim and belongs to Christian community. She started her music career at the age of 15 by writing English songs but now she has full grip on writing Urdu songs too.


Deepak Perwani

While talking about 10 Popular Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Non Muslim how can we forget Deepak Perwani. He is a top fashion designer of Pakistan popular at international level. He also works as a model and actor in showbiz. He is a Hindu by religion and belongs to the Hindu Sindhi community of Pakistan. He holds the Guinness World Record for designing the largest kurta. He has won numerous awards as a best designer.



Shabnam was a stage and film actress of Pakistan. Her real name is Jharna Basak and she is a Hindu by religion. She ruled the film industry of Pakistan for almost three decades and she is a top actress of her era. She worked in more than 180 Lollywood films and won several awards as a best actress.


Rachel Gill

Rachel Michelle Gill is a super model and a well known non Muslim celebrity of Pakistan showbiz industry. She has worked as an actress in some Lollywood films too. She is a Christian and lives in Karachi city. As a model she has been the show stopper for many well known fashion designers of Pakistan.


Benita David

Benita David is a famous non Muslim celebrity of Pakistan and she has enlisted herself in 10 Popular Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Non Muslim by her gorgeous looks and talent. She is a Christian and cousin of well known actress Sunita Marshal. She is working in showbiz both as an actress and a model.


Jia Ali

Jia Ali is a Christian actress of Pakistan. She has worked both in television industry and film industry. She is one of the successful actresses of Pakistan. Other than acting she is also a top model. She started her career as a model at the age of 19 and at young age earned huge success as well as fame.


Danish Kaneria

Danish Prabha Shanker Kaneria is a former cricketer of Pakistan. He played for Pakistan national cricket team from 2000 to 2010 at Test and ODI. He is a Hindu by religion and Gujrati by ethnicity. He is a right arm leg spinner and he was famous for his googly trick. He was one of the best bowlers of Pakistan cricket team.


Nadia Malik

Nadia Malik was a top and glamorous model of Pakistan showbiz industry. She worked with many popular fashion designers and earned huge success in modeling field. Her father Dr. Alexander John was a bishop and she is a Christian by religion. She married a Muslim doctor Danyaal and left the showbiz field. Now she resides in Scotland with her husband.