Early Years and Hardships: Yama Buddha, born Anil Adhikari, spent his early years in Salakpur, Morang, where he developed a passion for music. Growing up, he faced the typical hardships of a middle-class family in Nepal. His interest in rap music was sparked by listening to international rap artists, which was relatively uncommon in Nepal at the time.

Career Beginnings: He moved to Kathmandu for his higher education and began to immerse himself in the local hip-hop scene. His initial days were marked by struggles as he tried to make a name for himself in an industry that was still in its infancy in Nepal.

Breakthrough: Yama Buddha’s breakthrough came with his song “Saathi” which resonated deeply with the youth of Nepal. His raw and honest portrayal of societal issues and personal struggles garnered him a loyal following.

Major Successes:

  • “Saathi”: This song put Yama Buddha on the map, highlighting his lyrical prowess and relatability.
  • “Yatra” (2012): His debut album featured hits like “Saathi” and “Yo Prasanga”, cementing his status as a leading rapper in Nepal.
  • Raw Barz: Yama Buddha founded “Raw Barz”, Nepal’s first rap battle league, which played a crucial role in nurturing the hip-hop culture in Nepal.
  • “Ekadesh” (2014): His second album continued to explore themes of social justice, personal pain, and the human condition, further solidifying his influence in the music industry.

Real Name: Anil Adhikari

Date of Birth: May 30, 1987

Birth Place: Salakpur, Morang, Nepal

Residence: Kathmandu, Nepal (later moved to London, UK)

Profession: Rapper, Songwriter

Nationality: Nepalese

Religion: Hinduism

Partner: Asmita Adhikari

Father: Ambika Prasad Adhikari

Mother: Urmila Adhikari

Horoscope: Gemini

Age at Death: 29 years

Height: 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)

Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs)

Body Type: Athletic

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black