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The Luminary of the Golden State:

Brandishing her birthright as a Californian, Brande Roderick was born on June 13, 1974, in the enclave of Novato, California. Her ascendancy to stardom bore the imprimatur of the West Coast ethos, its promise of boundless possibilities, and the beguiling allure of the entertainment realm.






Playboy’s Paragon Transmuted Actress:

In the annals of celebrity, Brande ascended the pantheon when she was anointed as Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for April 2000. Her entrancing sylphlike visage, draped in iconic blonde allure, swiftly ensnared the collective imagination. It served as a sepulcher upon which her celebrity burgeoned, ultimately serving as the launchpad for a foray into the dramatic arts.

The Baywatch Belle:

The apotheosis of her celebrity came in 2001 when Brande graced the sands of “Baywatch” as Leigh Dyer, an embodiment of the Californian ethos that is enshrined in sun, surf, and sensuality. Her role in this venerable television series imparted an indelible charm and secured her status as an emblem of desirability.






Sculptress of Reality:

Beyond the hallowed precincts of celluloid, Brande undertook a sojourn into the domain of reality television. In 2009, she assumed the mantle of a contestant in the hallowed arena of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” where her mettle as a business savant was brought under the klieg lights, a testament to her multifarious talents.

Entrepreneurial Maven:

The sagacious Brande Roderick embodies a formidable entrepreneur, traversing beyond the ephemeral glimmers of stardom. She co-founded “Roderick’s Rags,” an ecologically conscious swimwear venture, and subsequently embarked upon her own skincare enterprise. Her entrepreneurial pursuits transcend the precincts of fame.





Thespian and Progenitor:

In addition to her iconic tenure on “Baywatch,” Brande has graced various cinematic and televisual productions, underscoring her protean aptitudes as an actress. Her ascendency extends to producer credits, evidencing her mettle in navigating the labyrinthine corridors of Hollywood.

Matron and Matriarch:

Amidst her kaleidoscopic career, Brande Roderick assumes the mantle of a devoted matron. Her union with former NFL luminary Glenn Cadrez has borne the fruits of familial harmony, as the couple tends to the custodial obligations of parenthood. Her paradigm, balancing professional vocation with familial duty, proffers an emblematic illustration.

The Continuum of Eclat:

In the mercurial cosmos of entertainment, Brande Roderick’s peregrination from a Californian idyllic dreamer to the apotheosis of Playboy, the demesne of “Baywatch,” a versatile actress, and a connoisseur of commerce attests to her enduring charisma and resolve. She transcends the confines of mere pulchritude, embracing the acumen of entrepreneurship, the crucible of reality television, and the manifold roles of matron and performer. Her luminous legacy persists, akin to the resplendent California sun that birthed her essence.





  • Full Name: Brande Nicole Roderick
  • Date of Birth: June 13, 1974
  • Place of Birth: Novato, California, USA
  • Brande Roderick’s Profession: Brande Roderick is an American actress and model.

Personal Details:

  • Residence: Residence information is not publicly available.
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Brande Roderick’s religious affiliation is not publicly disclosed.
  • Family:
    • Husband: Glenn Cadrez (married in 2007)
    • Father: Information about her father is not publicly available.
    • Mother: Information about her mother is not publicly available.

Astrological Information:

  • Horoscope: Gemini

Physical Attributes:

  • Age: As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Brande Roderick was 47 years old. Please note that her age may have changed since then.
  • Body Measurements: Specific body measurements such as bra size, hip size, weight, height, and body type are not publicly available.
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Blonde