Growing Up in Barbados: Damien Etienne, who goes by the stage name Hypasounds, grew up in Bridgetown, Barbados. This island is known for its lively music scene, with soca, reggae, and calypso playing a big part in everyday life. Although we don’t know much about his family, it’s clear that growing up in Barbados influenced his love of music.

Starting Out as a DJ: Hypasounds began his career as a DJ. He played music at parties and events around Bridgetown, learning how to keep a crowd entertained. These early gigs helped him develop his style and gave him the confidence to try making his own music. He started writing songs and producing tracks, with dreams of making it big in the soca world.

A Breakthrough Song: His first big hit came in 2009 with a song called “Sunset Shores.” This track became popular in Barbados and other parts of the Caribbean. It was his first real taste of success, and it opened the door to performing at more events and festivals. But his biggest success was yet to come.

In 2015, Hypasounds released “Sugar Rush.” This song was a massive hit during Barbados’ Crop Over Festival. The catchy beat and fun lyrics made it a favorite at parties, and it quickly became a festival anthem. With “Sugar Rush,” Hypasounds became a well-known name in the soca scene, and his career took off.

Facing Challenges: But success doesn’t come without challenges. The music industry is tough, with lots of competition and pressure to keep making hit songs. Hypasounds faced these challenges by staying focused on his music. He worked with other artists and tried new things to keep his sound fresh. This determination helped him overcome the tough times.

Building a Following: After “Sugar Rush,” Hypasounds continued to make popular songs, like “How She Like It” and “Fair Sa.” His high-energy performances and stage presence made him a favorite at music festivals and other big events. He brought a lot of energy to the stage, and people loved it. This helped him build a strong following in the Caribbean and beyond.

Adapting to Change: The world has changed a lot in recent years, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. This made it hard for musicians, but Hypasounds found ways to adapt. He started performing online and used social media to stay in touch with his fans. This helped him keep his connection with his audience, even when live shows weren’t possible.

The Continuing Journey: Hypasounds’ story is one of hard work and passion for music. He went from a DJ in Barbados to a famous soca artist with fans all over the world. His journey shows that with dedication and creativity, you can achieve your dreams. As he continues to make music and perform, Hypasounds is sure to keep bringing his energy and joy to every show. His story is far from over, and his fans are excited to see what he does next.

Real Name: Damien Etienne

Stage Name: Hypasounds

Date of Birth: March 21, 1978

Birth Place: Bridgetown, Barbados

Residence: Barbados

Profession: Soca Artist, Songwriter, Music Producer

Nationality: Barbadian

Religion: Not publicly disclosed

Partner: Not publicly disclosed

Father: Not publicly disclosed

Mother: Not publicly disclosed

Horoscope: Aries

Age: 46 (as of 2024)

Body Type: Average

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black