Eddie Izzard

Early Years and Family History: Eddie Izzard was born in Aden to English parents, Harold John Izzard and Dorothy Ella. The family moved to Northern Ireland when Eddie was young, and later to South Wales. Eddie’s mother passed away when she was six years old, which had a profound impact on her life. Raised primarily by her father, a BP accountant, Eddie struggled with dyslexia and faced challenges at school. However, she discovered a passion for comedy and acting early on, finding solace and creativity in these pursuits.


1962: Born in Aden, Yemen.

1968: Moves to Northern Ireland with family.

1970s: Relocates to South Wales after her mother’s death.

1980s: Begins performing stand-up comedy in London clubs while working various odd jobs to support herself. She faced initial struggles and rejection but persisted in pursuing her passion.

1991: Eddie’s breakthrough came with her “Wolves” show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where she gained critical acclaim and a growing fan base.

1993: Releases her first solo comedy special, “Live at the Ambassadors,” which further establishes her as a unique and innovative comedian.

Late 1990s: Expands her career into acting, appearing in TV shows and films such as “The Riches,” “Ocean’s Twelve,” and “Valkyrie.”

2000s: Continues to build her reputation as one of the most original and influential comedians of her generation, with successful stand-up tours and numerous acting roles.

2010s: Makes headlines for her advocacy for various causes, including LGBTQ+ rights and political engagement. Eddie’s stand-up specials continue to be well-received, and she takes on challenging roles in theater and film.

2020s: Continues to be active in both comedy and acting, with a focus on her stand-up career and upcoming projects in film and television.

Personal Life: Eddie Izzard is known for her fluid approach to gender and identity, often challenging societal norms and expectations. She has been open about her struggles with gender dysphoria and the journey towards self-acceptance.

Real Name: Edward John Izzard

Date of Birth: February 7, 1962

Birth Place: Aden, Yemen (then part of the British Empire)

Residence: London, England

Profession: Comedian, Actor, Writer

Nationality: British

Religion: Atheist

Partner: Eddie Izzard is openly transgender and has identified as a transvestite, preferring the use of she/her pronouns, though she also accepts he/him pronouns. As for her romantic life, Eddie has kept details relatively private.

Age: As of 2024, Eddie Izzard is 62 years old.

Height: 170 cm

Body Type: Slender.

Eye Color: Blue.

Hair Color: Varies; Eddie often changes her hair color for different roles and personal style choices.