Starting Out: Lira grew up in a place called Daveyton in South Africa. Even though her family didn’t have much money, they always supported her love for music. Her parents, whose names aren’t known publicly, encouraged her to sing from a young age.

Becoming a Singer: In the early 2000s, Lira began performing in Johannesburg. She sang in front of live audiences, slowly becoming more popular. It wasn’t easy, though. She faced challenges and doubts, like many artists do. But Lira kept going, determined to follow her dreams.

Finding Success: Lira’s big break came with her first album, “All My Love,” in 2003. People loved her mix of African and R&B music. She released more albums over the years, like “Feel Good,” “Soul in Mind,” and “Return to Love.” Each one brought her more recognition and awards.

Highlights of Her Career: Lira has won many awards, including the South African Music Awards. She’s performed with famous artists and traveled the world with her music. But she’s not just about singing—Lira also cares about important issues. She speaks up for women’s rights and education.

Personal Life: Lira is married to Robin Kohl, who has been by her side for a long time. They support each other through everything.

In summary, Lira’s journey is a story of determination and talent. From humble beginnings to international fame, she’s shown that with hard work and passion, anything is possible.

Real Name: Lerato Molapo

Date of Birth: March 14, 1979

Birth Place: Daveyton, South Africa

Residence: Johannesburg, South Africa

Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Actress

Nationality: South African

Religion: Christianity

Partner: Robin Kohl (m. 2009)

Father: Not publicly known

Mother: Not publicly known

Horoscope: Pisces

Age: 44 (as of 2023)