Early Years: Michael Mifsud was born on April 17, 1981, in Pietà, Malta. Malta is a small island where football is a big deal. Mifsud was interested in football from a young age. He loved to play, and people noticed he was really good at it. By the time he was a teenager, he was already playing with youth teams at local clubs, and everyone could see he had a lot of talent.

The Beginning of His Career: Mifsud started his professional career with Sliema Wanderers, one of the best football clubs in Malta. His performances were impressive, and it didn’t take long for bigger clubs to take notice. In 2001, he joined Kaiserslautern, a team in Germany’s Bundesliga. This was a big step, but he only stayed there for a short time before returning to Malta.

Going International: After coming back to Malta, Mifsud continued playing for Sliema Wanderers. His good performances caught the eye of Coventry City, a team in the English Championship, where he moved in 2007. He became famous after scoring twice against Manchester United in a League Cup match. This earned him the nickname “The Maltese Falcon.” It showed everyone that even players from small countries could do big things.

Hard Times and Comebacks: Mifsud’s career wasn’t always easy. After leaving Coventry City, he played for a few different teams, like Barnsley in England and Lillestrøm in Norway. He faced injuries and some ups and downs in his form. But Mifsud never gave up. He kept working hard and always found a way to get back on track.

Coming Back to Malta: After some time abroad, Mifsud returned to Malta and joined Valletta FC. He continued to be a key player and helped his team with his experience and leadership. He also played a lot for the Maltese national team, earning over 140 caps and becoming the top goal-scorer in Malta’s history.

Legacy and What He Does Now: Michael Mifsud is one of Malta’s most famous football players. His journey from playing for a local club to becoming an international star is an inspiration for many young football players in Malta. His record-breaking achievements with the national team and his determination during tough times show that hard work pays off. As of 2024, Mifsud still helps Maltese football, either by playing or by mentoring younger players. His story is proof that with passion and dedication, you can achieve great things.

Real Name: Michael Mifsud

Date of Birth: April 17, 1981

Birth Place: Pietà, Malta

Residence: Malta

Profession: Professional Footballer

Nationality: Maltese

Religion: Christianity

Partner: Information not publicly disclosed

Father: Information not publicly disclosed

Mother: Information not publicly disclosed

Horoscope: Aries

Age: 43 years (as of April 2024)

Weight: Approximately 62 kg (137 lbs)

Height: 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)

Body Type: Athletic

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black