Horoscope plays an important role in life of many people. Many people believe on stars and these stars also have effect on our lives to some extent. Like other people celebrities also believe in stars and let’s see Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Virgo. Virgo star starts from 23rdof August and ends at 23rd of September. The people who have Virgo star are very careful, they pay attention to the tiny details and they also posses intense sense of humanity. Virgos are conservative to some extent and they are also quite practical in daily life. It’s not essential if you are a Virgo then all the characters of this star goes with your personality but mostly do match. Fans of Pakistani celebrities follow them in every aspect and they are always curious to know about the star sign of their favorite star. So, here in this list you can see Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Virgo


Celebrities Date of Birth
Aamina Sheikh 29th August
Abdul Qadir 15th September
Aftab Iqbal 9th September
Afzal Khan 1st September
Ajmal Khattak 15th September
Ali Noor 23rd September
Alishba Yousuf 16th September
Altaf Hussain 17th September
Alyzeh Gabol 6th September
Anwar Maqsood 7th September
Anusheh Asad 13th September
Arif Lohar 1st September
Ayesha Sana 19th September
Baadshah Pehalwan Khan 9th September
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari 21st September
Choudhry Rahmat Ali 16th September
Faisal Rehman 17th September
Faraz Farooqi 7th September
Farhan Saeed 14th September
Fazal Hussain 31st August
Froggy 18th September
Gul Panra 6th September
Hamza Shahbaz Sharif 6th September
Hiba Ali 31st August
Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy 8th September
Iraj Manzoor 2nd September
Irfan Motiwala 30th August
Irfanullah Khan Marwat 31st August
Jia Ali 8th September
Junaid Jamshed 3rd September
Khurram Patras 6th September
Mikaal Zulfiqar 5th September
Mohammad Yousuf 27th August
Moin Khan 23rd September
Momina Mustehsan 5th September
Muhammad Ali Jinnah 11th September
Murtaza Bhutto 18th September
Nabeeha Ejaz 2nd September
Nabeel 1st September
Nabeel Shaukat Ali 29th August
Noman Habib 23rd August
Noor Jehan 21st September
Pari Hashmi 11th September
Rahma Ali 15th September
Rasheed Naz 9th September
Sadia Hayat Khan 11th September
Saeed Anwar 6th September
Sajjad Ali 24th August
Samiya Mumtaz 5th September
Sanam Chaudhry 27th August
Sania Saeed 28th August
Shahzeb Khanzada 20th September
Shehbaz Sharif 23rd September
Sumbul Iqbal 30th August
Tauqeer Nasir 14th September
Waseem Abbas 9th September
Wahaj Ali 6th September
Yasir Shah 6th September
Zahid Ahmed 20th September
Zeba Ali 7th September
Zeeshan Ali 26th August

In this article we are providing complete list of Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Virgo and you can also see their date of birth in the other column. If you know any other celebrity who has Virgo star and we have missed him/her in this  list, you can comment below and can share you views with us.