Phillip Phillips embarked upon his musical odyssey at the tender age of 14, with an ardent devotion to the sonorous strings of the guitar. This melodic pilgrimage was catalyzed by the sagacious guidance of Benjamin Neil, a venerable figure in his life, bearing the esteemed distinction of being both a long-time friend and a brother-in-law. It is to this sage mentor that Phillips attributes the ignition of his profound passion for the harmonious realm of music.



The year 2009 marked a pivotal juncture in his artistic journey, as he, along with his sibling-in-law cohorts, Benjamin Neil and Todd Urick, coalesced to form the Phillip Phillips Band. Their collective harmonies resonated through the corridors of local venues and events, where their virtuosity unfolded in splendid cadence. A notable milestone graced their path in 2010 when Phillips triumphed in the local vocal contest christened “Albany Star.”




The annals of February 23, 2012, bestowed a pivotal accolade upon Phillips when he ascended to the echelons of the Top 25 semi-finalists in the hallowed competition of American Idol. His journey then saw the manifestation of popular acclamation, as the audience’s veritable voice catapulted him into the cherished echelon of the Top 13 contestants. Following his triumphant victory on American Idol, Phillips embarked on a resonant sojourn, participating in the American Idol LIVE Tour from July to September, harmonizing in tandem with his fellow top ten finalists.

His harmonious talents transcended the confines of the stage and reached the pinnacles of national events, as he serenaded the audience with the National Anthem at the inaugural game of the 2012 World Series on October 24, 2012. Yet, it was not solely fame that beckoned his artistic spirit; it was also a desire to lend his vocal prowess to causes of benevolence. On November 15 of that same year, he forged an alliance with the PS22 chorus of Staten Island, orchestrating a concert that served as an avenue to amass funds for those beleaguered by the calamitous Hurricane Sandy.





A sonorous testament to his triumph came in the form of his coronation opus, “Home,” which resounded with a resplendent success, accumulating a staggering five million copies sold within the United States. Its ubiquitous presence transcended the bounds of mere records, permeating the auditory tapestry of NBC’s Olympic coverage, the bustling atmosphere of the L.A. Marathon, the commercial interludes of ad campaigns, the anticipatory trailers of cinematic productions, and the episodic dramaturgy of television series. In due course, he unfurled “Home” during the momentous PBS Independence Day celebration TV special, A Capitol 4th.

Phillips extended his melodic reach to the realm of sports, gracing the 83rd MLB All-Star Game in Kansas City on July 10, 2012, with his mellifluous rendition of his coronation composition. Furthermore, he lent his vocal virtuosity to the harmonious tapestry of the One World concert held at Syracuse University on October 9, 2012, an event orchestrated to pay homage to the venerable Dalai Lama. The year drew to a close with his resonant participation in the CNN Heroes special, broadcast on December 2, 2012, followed by an enchanting performance at CBS’s A Home for the Holidays on December 19, 2012.





The sonorous vista expanded as Phillips ventured into the realm of album production, unveiling his debut opus, “The World from the Side of the Moon,” on November 19, 2012. This magnum opus bore the indelible imprint of producer Gregg Wattenberg, wherein Phillips assumed the role of composer or co-composer for a substantial proportion of the album’s auditory corpus. On the eve of the album’s release, “Where We Came From” was offered for sale, embellishing the pre-order offerings with its dulcet harmonies. Notably, the album commenced its trajectory on the Billboard 200 chart at a formidable No. 4, with an impressive tally of 169,000 copies sold. Augmenting the laurels, it achieved RIAA certification as Platinum in August 2013. The World From The Side Of The Moon endured a protracted residence upon the Billboard Top 200 album chart, occupying its salient precincts for a span of 61 weeks, a feat positioning it as the second-most enduring debut album by an American Idol laureate.




The dawn of 2013 bore testament to his rising ascendancy in the musical cosmos, as Phillips graced the cover of Billboard magazine, alongside the eminent founder and CEO of Interscope Records, and American Idol’s venerable mentor, Jimmy Iovine.

On January 29, 2013, Phillips embarked on a melodious tour de force across the expanse of North America, commencing his sojourn as the opening act for Matchbox Twenty. The month also bore witness to a series of ten college performances, where Phillips regaled his audience with the dulcet strains of his melodies, accompanied by a four-piece acoustic ensemble. This heralded a series of tours, spanning from March to May, featuring an electric band, following his stint with Matchbox Twenty. However, nine of these scheduled college tour dates had to be deferred owing to a lingering health concern.

From July 6 to October 5, 2013, Phillips ventured on an auspicious tour as the opening act for John Mayer’s Born and Raised World Tour, thereby ingratiating his mellifluous talent with audiences on a global scale. The subsequent months bore witness to an expansive college tour, culminating in a succession of dates alongside John Mayer until December 17. Notably, he participated in the international musical extravaganza, Rock in Rio, serenading the audience in Rio de Janeiro on September 21, 2013, an event that saw him sharing the stage with luminaries such as John Mayer and Bruce Springsteen.




In the year 2014, a solo tour of Canada was masterfully orchestrated, further accentuating his international reach, accompanied by other performances on American soil.

The year 2013 bore the emergence of “Gone, Gone, Gone” as a luminous single, released on February 11. A monumental moment ensued when Phillips performed this opus live on the March 14, 2013 edition of American Idol. Additionally, “Gone, Gone, Gone” assumed the role of the twelfth season’s “send-off” anthem, providing the mellifluous backdrop for montages that encapsulated the poignant narratives of eliminated finalists. This harmonious jewel also found resonance in the cinematic realm, gracing the auditory spectrum of the film “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

In a proclamation made in March 2013, Phillips declared an unwavering commitment to the creative process, asserting that he was “always writing.” This assertion materialized in his second studio album, the evocatively titled “Behind the Light,” released on May 19, 2014. The debut single from this opus, “Raging Fire,” made its digital debut on March 3, 2014, resonating across the auditory plains. This opus, too, found its melodic footprint in the sporting realm, as it featured prominently in the National Hockey League’s Playoffs





Name: Phillip Phillips
Phillip Phillips Occupation: Pop Singer
Phillip Phillips Gender: Male
Phillip Phillips Height: 180 cm (5′ 11”)
Phillip Phillips Birth Day: September 20, 1990
Phillip Phillips Age: 30
Phillip Phillips Birth Place: Albany, United States
Phillip Phillips Zodiac Sign: Virgo