Embarking on a Melodic Odyssey: Sarah Geronimo’s journey in the realm of entertainment commenced amidst the vibrant streets of Santa Cruz, Manila. It was here that her innate passion for music found a nurturing ground within the embrace of her parents, Delfin and Divina Geronimo. From a tender age, her vocal prowess hinted at the extraordinary talent that would soon captivate audiences.

The Spark that Ignited Stardom: In 2003, Geronimo’s trajectory took a decisive turn when she clinched victory in the esteemed singing competition, “Star for a Night.” This triumph became the cornerstone of a dazzling career, leading her to sign a milestone deal with Viva Records and laying the foundation for her musical voyage.

Harmonizing Triumphs and Trials: While Geronimo’s career boasts platinum albums and chart-toppers, it has not been a journey devoid of challenges. Navigating the harsh gaze of public scrutiny and the delicate dance of maintaining normalcy in the spotlight presented formidable hurdles. However, her journey is marked not only by triumphs but also by resilience in the face of adversity.

Versatility in Full Bloom: Endearingly referred to as the “Popstar Royalty,” Geronimo transcends the confines of music. Her seamless transition into acting has been met with equal success, contributing to her status as one of the most versatile artists in Philippine entertainment.

The Intimate Chapters Unveiled: In 2020, Sarah Geronimo and actor Matteo Guidicelli exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony, capturing the hearts of fans. Despite their public personas, the couple has adeptly shielded certain aspects of their personal lives from the scrutinizing gaze of the public.

Current Crescendo: As of the latest available information, Sarah Geronimo remains a shining star in the Philippine entertainment scene. Her journey, adorned with achievements and personal growth, attests to a steadfast commitment to her craft. Balancing a flourishing career with a guarded private life, she stands as an enduring source of inspiration for aspiring artists.


Real Name: Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo

Date of Birth: July 25, 1988

Birth Place: Santa Cruz, Manila, Philippines

Residence: Quezon City, Philippines

Profession: Singer, Actress, Record Producer, Television Personality

Nationality: Filipino

Religion: Roman Catholic

Partner: Matteo Guidicelli (married in 2020)

Father: Delfin Geronimo

Mother: Divina Tua Geronimo

Horoscope: Leo

Age: As of the current date (2024), Sarah Geronimo is 35 years old.