Early Life and Family Background: As a child, Walcott didn’t have a lot of money, but his parents taught him the value of working hard and being fair. These lessons stayed with him and became the reason he fought so hard later on to make life better for other people. It was clear to him that many people in Barbados had difficult jobs and were paid very little.

How He Became a Union Leader: In the 1930s, many workers in Barbados and other Caribbean islands were unhappy with how they were being treated. Walcott decided to do something about it. He joined the trade union movement, which was a group that fought for the rights of workers. He wanted to make sure that workers got fair pay and better working conditions.

Soon, Walcott became a leader in the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU), one of the biggest unions in Barbados. He worked hard to make sure the union had a strong voice. Under his leadership, the BWU was able to negotiate with companies to get better pay and conditions for workers. People started to recognize him as a strong leader who wasn’t afraid to stand up to powerful people.

Political Career and Achievements: Walcott didn’t just work with trade unions; he also became involved in politics. He believed that being a politician would give him more power to help ordinary people. He joined the Barbados Parliament and held different government jobs. As a politician, he made sure that the laws and policies were fair to workers and other people who needed help.

Even though he was successful, his journey wasn’t easy. He faced challenges from people who didn’t want change and wanted to keep paying workers low wages. But Walcott didn’t back down. He had a way of convincing people to join his cause, and his determination helped him overcome many obstacles.

Real Name: Sir Frank Leslie Walcott

Date of Birth: September 16, 1916

Birth Place: Bridgetown, Barbados

Residence: Barbados

Profession: Trade Unionist, Politician

Nationality: Barbadian

Partner: Married

Father: No information available

Mother: No information available

Horoscope: Virgo

Age: Died at 82 years old