William Butler Yeats, known as W.B. Yeats, was a famous poet from Ireland. He was born on June 13, 1865, in Dublin. Yeats grew up in a family where art was important. His dad, John, was a painter, and his mom, Susan, came from a family known for brewing beer.

Yeats had a tough childhood because his family didn’t always have enough money. They moved a lot, but Yeats always loved writing. He learned about Irish stories and myths, which inspired his poems.

As he got older, Yeats wrote about Ireland’s history and its struggle for freedom. He also wrote about magic and ghosts, which made his poems special. People loved his work because it was different and spoke to their hearts.

Yeats became famous for his poems, and he even won a big prize called the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1923. He wrote about love and nature, and his words touched people around the world.

Besides being a poet, Yeats had interesting relationships. He was in love with a woman named Maud Gonne, who was a leader in Ireland. Even though she didn’t marry him, she inspired many of his poems. Later, Yeats married Georgie Hyde-Lees, who helped him explore mystical things.

Yeats was tall and slim with blue eyes and dark hair when he was young. As he got older, he became sturdier but kept writing beautiful poems until he passed away in 1939.

In short, W.B. Yeats was a poet who made Ireland proud with his words. He wrote about love, magic, and the beauty of his homeland, touching hearts all over the world.

Real Name: William Butler Yeats

Date of Birth: June 13, 1865

Birth Place: Sandymount, Dublin, Ireland

Residence: Over the course of his life, Yeats lived in various places, including Ireland, England, and France. He spent much of his early life in Dublin and later settled in the Tower at Ballylee in County Galway.

Profession: Poet, playwright, essayist, and one of the key figures of 20th-century literature.

Nationality: Irish

Religion: Yeats was raised in the Protestant tradition but later in life became interested in mysticism and the occult, which heavily influenced his later works.

Partner: Yeats had a complex romantic life. He had a significant relationship with the Irish nationalist Maud Gonne, though she ultimately rejected his proposals of marriage. He later married Georgie Hyde-Lees, who played a crucial role in his exploration of mysticism through automatic writing.

Father: John Butler Yeats, a well-known artist.

Mother: Susan Mary Pollexfen Yeats, of the Pollexfen family, which was prominent in the brewing industry.

Horoscope: Yeats was born under the zodiac sign of Gemini.

Age: He passed away on January 28, 1939, at the age of 73.