Zander Tyler, better known as Jack Parow, burst onto the scene from the heart of Parow, Cape Town, back in 1982. Growing up in a neighborhood filled with challenges like poverty and crime, Jack turned to music as his escape.

His journey began in the local bars and clubs of Cape Town, where he honed his craft, blending Afrikaans lyrics with the rhythm of hip-hop. In 2009, he dropped his first album, “Jack Parow,” which quickly became a sensation, thanks to hits like “Cooler as Ekke” and “Dans Dans Dans.”

But like any success story, Jack’s path wasn’t without its hurdles. Navigating the music industry’s twists and turns, he faced his fair share of setbacks. Yet, through it all, he stayed true to his roots and kept pushing forward.

His perseverance paid off as he rose to prominence, collaborating with local talents and even making waves on the international scene. Today, Jack Parow stands tall as one of South Africa’s most recognizable rappers, his music serving as a reflection of the struggles and triumphs of everyday life.

He’s more than just an artist; he’s an inspiration, proving that with passion and determination, you can turn your dreams into reality, no matter where you come from.

Real Name: Jack Parow’s real name is Zander Tyler.

Date of Birth: Jack Parow was born on February 22, 1982.

Birth Place: He was born in Parow, Cape Town, South Africa, which is where he derived his stage name.

Residence: Jack Parow resides in Cape Town, South Africa.

Profession: He is a rapper, songwriter, and actor.

Nationality: Jack Parow is South African.

Religion: There is limited publicly available information regarding his religious beliefs.

Partner: He has kept his personal life relatively private, and information about his partner, if any, is not widely disclosed.

Father: Details about Jack Parow’s father are not readily available.

Mother: Similarly, information about his mother is not extensively documented.

Horoscope: As he was born on February 22, his zodiac sign is Pisces.

Age: As of the current date in 2024, Jack Parow is 42 years old.

Body Measurements:

  • Weight: Information about his weight is not readily available.
  • Height: Jack Parow’s height is approximately 1.7 meters (5 feet 7 inches).
  • Body Type: He has a lean and athletic body type.
  • Eye Color: His eye color is brown.
  • Hair Color: Jack Parow has brown hair.