Early Life and Family History: Ahmad Wali Hotak was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan, in a family that has faced numerous hardships due to the ongoing conflict in the region. His early years were marked by the challenges of growing up in a war-torn country, which greatly influenced his determination and resilience.

Rise to Stardom: Ahmad Wali Hotak’s breakthrough came when he started competing in local and regional tournaments. His impressive performances caught the attention of the international MMA community. He made his professional MMA debut and quickly established himself as a formidable fighter, known for his striking skills and resilience in the ring.

Key Achievements:

  • Professional MMA Record: Hotak has an impressive record, having won numerous fights in various weight classes.
  • Titles and Championships: He has won multiple national and international titles, representing Afghanistan in prestigious tournaments.
  • Recognition: Hotak is celebrated as one of the top athletes in Afghanistan and has become a symbol of hope and perseverance for many young Afghans.

Current Status: Ahmad Wali Hotak continues to train and compete, representing Afghanistan on international platforms. He is also involved in mentoring young athletes and promoting sports in Afghanistan, contributing to the development of the next generation of fighters.

Real Name: Ahmad Wali Hotak

Date of Birth: June 14, 1987

Birth Place: Kabul, Afghanistan

Residence: Kabul, Afghanistan

Nationality: Afghan

Religion: Islam

Father: [Name not publicly available]

Mother: [Name not publicly available]

Profession: Mixed Martial Artist, Kickboxer

Partner: [Not publicly disclosed]

Horoscope: Gemini (based on his date of birth)

Age: 37 years (as of 2024)

Weight: Approximately 70-77 kg (varies by weight class)

Height: 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)

Body Type: Athletic and muscular

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black