Early Life and Family Background: Amrullah Saleh was born in the Panjshir Valley, a region known for its resistance against external forces, particularly during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The specifics of his early family life are not widely documented, but it is known that he came from a modest background. The Panjshir Valley, being a hotbed of anti-Soviet resistance, significantly influenced Saleh’s early years and imbued him with a strong sense of patriotism and resistance.

Career Beginnings and Rise to Prominence: Saleh’s career in intelligence and security began in the 1990s when he joined Ahmad Shah Massoud’s Northern Alliance. Massoud, a legendary Afghan resistance leader, became a mentor to Saleh. During this period, Saleh developed crucial skills and connections that would later define his career.

In 1997, Saleh was appointed as the liaison officer between the Northern Alliance and international organizations. His fluency in several languages and understanding of international relations helped him in this role. After the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001, Saleh was appointed head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) in 2004 by President Hamid Karzai.

Challenges and Setbacks: Saleh’s tenure as the head of NDS was marked by his aggressive stance against the Taliban and corruption. However, his outspoken nature and firm policies led to tensions with other government officials and external actors. In June 2010, he resigned from his position following a deadly Taliban attack on a national peace jirga. This incident marked a significant setback in his career, but it also bolstered his image as a staunch anti-Taliban figure.

Return to Politics and Continued Struggle: After resigning from the NDS, Saleh founded the Basej-e Milli (National Movement), a political movement aimed at countering Taliban influence and advocating for national unity and security. His activism and vocal criticism of both the Taliban and government corruption kept him in the public eye.

In 2018, President Ashraf Ghani appointed Saleh as the Minister of Interior, a position he used to intensify efforts against the Taliban and criminal networks. His tenure was short-lived, as he resigned to run as Vice President in the 2019 presidential elections.

Vice Presidency and Recent Events: Saleh was elected as the First Vice President of Afghanistan in 2019, serving under President Ashraf Ghani. During his vice presidency, he survived multiple assassination attempts, underscoring the constant danger he faced due to his anti-Taliban stance.

Real Name: Amrullah Saleh

Date of Birth: October 15, 1972

Birth Place: Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan

Residence: Kabul, Afghanistan

Profession: Politician, Former Vice President of Afghanistan, Former Director of the National Directorate of Security (NDS)

Nationality: Afghan

Religion: Islam

Partner: Not publicly disclosed

Father: Details not publicly disclosed

Mother: Details not publicly disclosed

Horoscope: Libra

Age: 51 years (as of 2024)

Height: 175 cm

Body Type: Average

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black