a luminary in the realm of Thai entertainment, has intricately woven her narrative of success since her auspicious birth on May 16, 1992, in the vibrant metropolis of Bangkok. Imbued with a Thai-Belgian heritage, Davika, or Mai Davika as she is affectionately known, emerged as a multifaceted talent, distinguished not only for her ethereal beauty but also for her profound contributions to the cinematic tapestry.

Heralding from the union of Kuno Hoorne and Yuwathida Hoorne, Davika’s roots traverse diverse cultural landscapes, embodying the richness of both Thai and Belgian heritage. Under the benevolent gaze of the celestial Taurus, she embarked on her artistic odyssey, navigating the delicate balance between fame and privacy with an unwavering dedication to her craft.

The genesis of Davika’s artistic journey can be traced back to her nascent years when she graced the modeling sphere, laying the groundwork for her eventual foray into acting. However, it was the 2010 Thai romantic drama, “First Love” (Crazy Little Thing Called Love), that etched her name in the annals of Thai cinema. As the protagonist, she not only captured the hearts of audiences but also garnered critical acclaim, marking the inception of her meteoric rise.

Davika’s filmography reads like a captivating anthology, with each project unraveling a new facet of her artistic prowess. From the poignant “Seven Something” in 2012 to the enigmatic “Heart Attack” in 2015 and the whimsical “Suddenly Twenty” in 2016, her repertoire showcases a diversity that mirrors her versatility as an actress. The magnum opus, “Brother of the Year” (2018), further solidified her status as a luminary.

While Davika’s cinematic contributions have been the cornerstone of her acclaim, her endeavors in the realm of music remain a relatively unexplored terrain. As of my last update, she has primarily been celebrated for her acting acumen, with no substantial records of her venturing into the realms of singing or songwriting.

Privacy, an esteemed facet of her existence, conceals certain personal details such as body measurements and bra size. In an industry often characterized by its penchant for sensationalism, Davika Hoorne stands as a paragon of grace and poise, effortlessly navigating the intricate dance between fame and the sanctuary of her private world.

As she gracefully traverses her early thirties, Davika Hoorne’s indelible mark on Thai cinema continues to evolve. With each cinematic endeavor, she not only reaffirms her status as an icon but also emerges as a symbol of artistic integrity and unwavering dedication to her craft. For those enamored by the allure of Thai cinema, the name Davika Hoorne resonates as an embodiment of talent, grace, and cinematic brilliance.


Real Name: Davika Hoorne

Date of Birth: May 16, 1992

Birth Place: Bangkok, Thailand

Residence: Information not publicly disclosed

Profession: Actress, Model

Nationality: Thai-Belgian

Religion: Buddhism

Partner: Currently not publicly disclosed

Father: Kuno Hoorne

Mother: Yuwathida Hoorne

Horoscope: Taurus

Age: As of the current date (2024), Davika Hoorne is around 31 years old.