Early Years and Family Background: Ebrahim Hamedi, widely recognized by his stage name Ebi, was born in Tehran, Iran. His early years were marked by a profound passion for music, which his family wholeheartedly supported. From a young age, Ebi’s vocal talent was evident, and his family’s encouragement played a crucial role in his development as a musician.

Beginning of His Musical Journey: Ebi’s foray into the music scene started in the 1960s when he joined a local band named “Sun Boys.” The band performed at various local venues, gradually building a reputation. Ebi’s distinctive voice and magnetic stage presence quickly captured the attention of audiences, setting the stage for his solo career.

Success and Hardships: The Iranian Revolution of 1979 dramatically changed the cultural landscape of Iran. With the new regime’s restrictions on music and entertainment, Ebi, like many other artists, found it difficult to continue his career in Iran. This led to his decision to leave the country in search of a place where he could freely pursue his passion for music.

Ebi moved to the United States and continued to build his career from there. Despite the challenges of being an immigrant and starting anew in a foreign country, Ebi persevered. His music evolved, incorporating a blend of traditional Persian elements and contemporary sounds, which helped him maintain his popularity among the Iranian diaspora.

Major Achievements: Throughout his career, Ebi has released numerous albums and performed in sold-out concerts worldwide. Some of his most notable songs include “Shab,” “Navazesh,” “Hala Hala,” and “Shekar.” His music often addresses themes of love, longing, and social issues, which have deeply resonated with his fans.

Real Name: Ebrahim Hamedi

Date of Birth: June 19, 1949

Birth Place: Tehran, Iran

Residence: Los Angeles, California, USA

Profession: Singer, Musician

Nationality: Iranian

Religion: Unknown (often considered private)

Partner: Fahimeh Rahimnia

Father: Information about his father is not widely available.

Mother: Information about his mother is not widely available.

Horoscope: Gemini

Age: 75 (as of 2024)