Rise to Stardom: In the 1980s, Farid Zoland’s career took a significant turn when he moved to the United States. In Los Angeles, he continued to compose music, working with renowned Persian and Afghan singers such as Googoosh, Ebi, and Dariush. His compositions gained international acclaim, and he became a sought-after composer in the Persian music industry.

Successes: Farid Zoland’s music is known for its emotional depth and intricate compositions. He has composed hundreds of songs that have become timeless hits. His work has not only earned him fame but also respect as one of the leading figures in Afghan and Persian music. Some of his notable compositions include “Yar-e-Dabestani-e-Man,” “Khab-e-Barehneh,” and “Shab-e-Tar.”

Ups and Downs: Throughout his career, Farid Zoland faced various challenges, including the struggle to adapt to a new country and cultural environment. The political unrest in Afghanistan and the diaspora experience of Afghan communities added to the complexities of his journey. Despite these hardships, his resilience and passion for music helped him overcome obstacles and continue to create impactful music.

Later Years and Current Status: Farid Zoland continues to reside in Los Angeles, where he remains active in the music industry. He collaborates with both established and emerging artists, contributing to the preservation and evolution of Afghan and Persian music. His legacy as a composer and musician continues to inspire new generations.

Real Name: Farid Zoland

Date of Birth: August 1, 1955

Birth Place: Kabul, Afghanistan

Residence: Los Angeles, California, USA

Profession: Singer, Composer, Musician

Nationality: Afghan-American

Religion: Islam

Partner: [Details not publicly available]

Father: Jalil Zoland

Mother: [Details not publicly available]

Horoscope: Leo

Age: 68 years (as of 2023)