Kirsty Gallacher is a British TV presenter and sometimes an actress. She’s known for talking about sports on TV and being on some TV shows. She was born in Scotland in 1976. Her family likes sports, too. Her dad played golf, and her brother helps golfers.



Kirsty started working on TV in the late 1990s. She became famous for talking about sports on Sky Sports, a TV channel. People liked her because she knew a lot about sports. She talked about big golf tournaments like the Ryder Cup and the Masters. She also did shows about soccer and other sports.



Besides talking about sports, Kirsty has acted on TV a little bit. She was in a show called “Dream Team” about a soccer team. She played herself in some episodes. She also joined a dance show called “Strictly Come Dancing” in 2015. She danced with a professional dancer named Brendan Cole and did well in the competition.



Kirsty Gallacher’s Name: Kirsty Gallacher
Kirsty Gallacher’s Date of Birth: She was born on January 20, 1976.
Kirsty Gallacher’s Birthplace: She was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the United Kingdom.
Kirsty Gallacher’s Profession: Kirsty Gallacher is a TV presenter and sports broadcaster.
Kirsty Gallacher’s Nationality: She is British.
Kirsty Gallacher’s Husband: Kirsty Gallacher has been married twice. Her first husband was Paul Sampson, a rugby player, and her second husband was Danny Cipriani, also a rugby player.
Kirsty Gallacher’s Parents: Her father is Bernard Gallacher, a former professional golfer and Ryder Cup captain, and her mother is Lesley Gallacher.
Kirsty Gallacher’s Age: She is 47 years old as per 2023
Kirsty Gallacher’s Height: Kirsty Gallacher is about 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) tall.
Kirsty Gallacher’s Eye Color: Her eyes are brown, and her hair is blonde.
Kirsty Gallacher’s Religion: We don’t have information about her religious beliefs.
Kirsty Gallacher’s Horoscope: Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.
Kirsty Gallacher’s Body Type: She is generally described as slim and athletic.