Early Years and Hardships: Mohsen Makhmalbaf grew up in a lower-middle-class family in Tehran. His early years were marked by political activism against the Shah’s regime, leading to his arrest at the age of 17. He spent several years in prison, where he educated himself and developed a keen interest in literature and the arts.

Career Beginnings: After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Makhmalbaf was released from prison and began his career in the arts. He initially wrote novels and plays before transitioning to filmmaking. His first feature film, “Nasuh’s Repentance” (Tobeh Nosuh), was released in 1983.





Notable Works and Successes:

  • “Marriage of the Blessed” (1989): Won the Grand Prize at the Fajr International Film Festival.
  • “Time of Love” (1990): A controversial film that faced censorship issues in Iran.
  • “Salaam Cinema” (1995): Gained critical acclaim for its innovative approach to storytelling.
  • “A Moment of Innocence” (1996): Won several international awards and is considered one of his masterpieces.
  • “The Silence” (1998): A visually stunning film that further solidified his reputation.

Ups and Downs: Throughout his career, Makhmalbaf faced numerous challenges, including censorship and political pressure in Iran. His films often dealt with sensitive issues, leading to several of them being banned or heavily edited. Despite these challenges, he continued to create thought-provoking and influential films.

Exile and Later Years: In 2009, following the contentious Iranian presidential election and subsequent protests, Makhmalbaf openly supported the opposition, leading to increased scrutiny and pressure from the Iranian government. As a result, he and his family left Iran and have since resided in Paris, France.

In exile, Makhmalbaf continued his work, both in filmmaking and political activism. He directed films such as “The Gardener” (2012) and “The President” (2014), which received international acclaim and highlighted his enduring commitment to artistic expression and social commentary.






Real Name: Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Date of Birth: May 29, 1957

Birth Place: Tehran, Iran

Residence: Paris, France (since 2009)

Nationality: Iranian

Religion: Raised in a Muslim family, later adopted secular views

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Partner: Marzieh Meshkini, also a renowned filmmaker

Horoscope: Gemini

Age: 67 years old (as of 2024)

Height: 170 cm

Weight: Around 154 lbs (70 kg)

Body Type: Average

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black (now greying)