Pradeep Khadka is a big deal in Nepali cinema. Born on March 10, 1992, in Kusunti, Lalitpur, Nepal, his early life remains somewhat of a mystery. From what we know, he’s always had a knack for the spotlight. His journey into acting started with some modeling gigs, but it was his silver screen debut in “Escape” back in 2011 that got him noticed. However, it was his role in the romantic flick “Prem Geet” in 2016 that truly catapulted him to stardom.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been all roses for Pradeep. Like any rising star, he’s had his fair share of ups and downs. But what sets him apart is his resilience. Despite the hurdles, he’s managed to win hearts with his diverse roles and stellar performances. Whether it’s drama, action, or comedy, Pradeep knows how to leave an impression.

Physically, the guy’s got presence. Standing at around 5 feet 9 inches tall, with those piercing dark brown eyes and jet-black hair, he’s got that classic leading man look down pat.

As for his personal life, well, Pradeep likes to keep things low-key. We don’t know much about his family or relationships, and that’s just fine by him. Adds a bit of mystique to the whole package, don’t you think?

Today, Pradeep Khadka is still doing his thing, making movies, and charming audiences left and right. His story is more than just about making it in the movies; it’s about grit, determination, and chasing your dreams no matter what. He’s not just an actor; he’s an inspiration.

Real Name: Pradeep Khadka

Date of Birth: March 10, 1992

Birth Place: Kusunti, Lalitpur, Nepal

Residence: Kathmandu, Nepal

Profession: Actor

Nationality: Nepalese

Religion: Hinduism

Partner: Not publicly disclosed

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Horoscope: Pisces

Age: 32 years (as of 2024)

Height: 176 cm

Weight: Around 70 kg

Body Type: Athletic

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black