Early Life and Education: Hafizullah Amin was born on August 1, 1929, in Paghman, Afghanistan. His father, Abdullah Amin, was a local notable, providing Hafizullah with a relatively comfortable upbringing. Amin pursued his early education in Afghanistan and later went to the United States for higher education. He studied at Columbia University in New York, earning a master’s degree in education.

Early Career and Political Involvement: Upon returning to Afghanistan, Amin began his career as a teacher and eventually became a school principal. His political career started to take shape when he became involved with the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA), a communist party. Amin quickly rose through the ranks due to his strong organizational skills and ideological commitment.

Leadership and Downfall: In September 1979, Amin orchestrated a coup against Taraki, who was killed under mysterious circumstances. Amin declared himself President of Afghanistan. His tenure was marked by increasing political repression and widespread purges, which alienated many Afghans and members of the PDPA.

Amin’s rule was short-lived. On December 27, 1979, the Soviet Union intervened in Afghanistan, and Amin was assassinated during Operation Storm-333, a Soviet-led assault on the presidential palace. Babrak Karmal, a rival PDPA leader, was installed as the new president.

Real Name: Hafizullah Amin

Date of Birth: August 1, 1929

Birth Place: Paghman, Afghanistan

Residence: Lived in Kabul, Afghanistan during his political career

Profession: Politician

Nationality: Afghan

Religion: Islam

Partner: Patman

Father: Abdullah Amin

Mother: Not widely documented

Horoscope: Leo

Age: 50 years at the time of his death in 1979